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VS Swami
13-03-2012, 11:11 PM
Lakshmi " PoojA " , NaivEdhyam with special BhakshaNams
are done before. Every house/region has its own BhakshaNams.

I had asked Sriman Vaasu VaahdyAr Swamy , the Owner/Moderator
of hte Vaideekam Group for some insights on this observance(Nonbu) .
He has sent me a splendid response , which I want to share with you.
PramANams are not always available . Yukthi Vaadham is allowed
in such cases . Mainly SishtAchAram from the observances of
the elders of the Family has to be an important item of reference .

I always ask Sriman Vaasu VaadhyAr for clarifications
on Vaidhika KarmAs although KaaradayAn Nonbu is not
a Vaidhika KarmA or Vratham .

Please join the Vaidhikam Yahoo Groups and benefit
from Sriman Vaasu VaadhyAr's extensive experience
and Scholarship .

The response from Sriman Vaasu VadhyAr is appended
below .

C0-Moderator , Vaidheekam Yahoo Group

P.S : I will conclude with a prayer from one of
the slOkams from Sri Lakshmi Sahasram :

KanyE dhugdhOdanvatas-thAvakeenam
manyE roopam MangaLam MangaLAnAm
yath-sAvarNya-prAptha-bhadrA HaridhrA
SoumangaLyam samvidhatthE VadhUnAm

--12th slOkam ,MaangaLyAkhya SthaBakam ,
Sri Lakshmi Sahasram of ArasANippAlai VenkatAdhvari Kavi

Her roopam is MangaLAnAm MangaLam ( Most auspicous among all
auspicious roopams ). Dheerga SoumAngalyam is requested as a boon
here from Her , who arose out of the Milky Ocean . She is addressed
here as HaridhrA is the name of ManjaL ( Turmeric). One definition of
HaridhrA is " Harim DhrAvayathi ithi HaridhrA " . One who melts the mind
of Her Lord (DhrAvayathi) with Her charm and VaseekaraNa sakthi
is the Lady saluted as HaridhrA . She makes the Lord's heart and mind
melt so that He overlooks our sins and forgives us and accepts Her
pleading on behalf of us , who have trespassed His Saasthrams .
The prayer here is to gain dheerga Sumangalithvam and is an appropriate
prayer to Her on KaaradayAn Nonbu day.


26-10-2013, 10:10 PM
Dear Swami Sir,

Thanks for sharing this wonderful slokam.

With Best Regards

S. Sankara Narayanan