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Quotable quotes from Ramayana

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  • Quotable quotes from Ramayana

    Quotable quotes from Ramayana

    कोपं न गच्छन्ति हि सत्त्ववन्तः
    Kopam na gachchhanti hi sattwantah

    The strong of heart do not become angry.

    वाच्यावाच्यं प्रकुपितो न विजानाति कर्हिचित्।
    नाकार्यमस्ति क्रुद्धस्य नावाच्यं विद्यते क्वचित् ॥

    Vaachyaavaachyam prakupito na vijaanaati karhichit
    Naakaaryamasti kruddhasya naavaachyam vidyate kwachit

    नाग्निरग्नौ प्रवर्तते
    Naagniragnau pravartate

    One who is angry does not distinguish between what can be spoken and what is unspeakable. There is nothing which an angry man cannot do meaning he can commit any crime. There is nothing unspeakable for him.

    Fire cannot act on fire.

    [Context: Soliloquy of Hanuman when, after burning down the palaces in Lanka from the fire set to his tail, he becomes worried that Sita might have been hurt by the fire. He chides himself for getting angry and observes that an angry person loses his capacity to think and does not know what the right thing to say or do is. On further contemplation, Hanuman realizes that a pativratalike Sita herself is like fire. How can fire act on fire? ]