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    Foot Steps Behind….!!!


    Have you run your fingers down the wall and have you felt your neck skin crawl when you're searching for the light? Sometimes when you're scared to take a look at the corner of the room, you've sensed that something's watching you.

    Have you ever been alone at night, thought you heard footsteps behind, and turned around and no one's there? And, as you quicken up your pace, you find it hard to look again, because you're sure there's someone there.
    I have experienced these moments, even now when I recollect my neck hair stand up.

    It was in the year 1969, on a rainy night; I was working alone overtime to complete
    Workers’ bonus calculations, the time was few minutes past midnight, the night durwan left to make routine rounds leaving me all alone.

    Suddenly I had a feeling that someone breathing over my neck, hot air touching my
    Neck. I turned back into the empty hall, no one was seen...still I could sense the
    Presence of some movements behind me, I thought at first it was my imagination only and
    continued to work.

    Then, I heard a sound. of some table drawer opening.... my eyes
    opened wide. I called out Ramdev ( night durwan ) who took my permission to go to tea shop,
    My own voice echoed, and I was about to run to the entrance.
    I looked back into the empty office hall, murky shadow moved at the corner. Then suddenly the lights went off... it was pitch dark inside the office hall,
    I had to move now carefully to avoid office files spread over the floor,
    Now I have to go to main door to go out, had to cross two big halls, it was too much for me.

    Something was blocking my throat. I could not even call Ramdev, now I started
    Sweat and slowly moving towards the front door,
    Now the chilling moments came, heard foot steps behind...

    My heart skipped a beat; I started to move fast towards the main door,
    A lump blocked my throat,
    I came to the second hall, heard again the footsteps following me and I had the feeling that someone walked past me…
    Ramdev called me from the front door, now I was little bit relieved

    No sooner I reached him, I shouted at him for his delay in coming to my room as soon as the lights went off
    but he was silent, simply moved ahead of me.

    We both reached the main entrance. At last there was some
    help has come. Ramdev. looked back at me and went out into the darkness.

    Another Durwan came rushing towards me

    What he told me made me jump out of my skin
    “shaheb , Ramdev met with an accident when he was crossing the road towards tea shop, his body is lying there sir.. personal officer Jacob is handling this .”

    I could not move my feet now.. felt very heavy…