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Group the srivaishnavas into four categories

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  • Group the srivaishnavas into four categories

    adiyen dasasya vignaapanam.As far as this Thiruppavai month is concerned, we can group the srivaishnavas into four categories.
    Category 1 ---> Those belonging to this group go to the temples,( exactly at the time of ghoshti), recite the day's pasuram with others and will eagerly await for the pongal (or for puliyodarai as at Thiruppullani) distribution and will immediately return home once they receive it. மார்கழித் திங்கள் மடி நிறைய பொங்கல் will be their motto . adiyen belong to this category.
    Category 2:-- These people will like to know very simple meaning of the pasuram (as is read in Dinamani or in Dinamalar dailies) Many belong to this group
    Category 3 : Those falling in this will like to dwelve deep to understand what would have been conveyed by Andal. They will not agree that Thiruppavai was written just for the sake of Pavai nonbu. They will like to read the commentaries of poorvars word by word to know the inner meaning and philosophy in a Srivaishnava visistadvaitha way. Quite a few belong to this category. Not to name anybody, many of them regularly share their Thiruppavai anubhavams in these groups every year. They need some svaapothesams in addition.
    And Category 4 has those persons who can read and understand easily in English.
    Can a book on Thiruppavai satisfy all these four categories at a time?
    A commentary on Thiruppavai published in 1899 (some may remember that the first part of this book was uploaded to Mediafire a few months back) satisfy everybody. Please log on to and download the book and enjoy it.
    T. Raguveeradayal

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    Re: Group the srivaishnavas into four categories

    Swamin, please give some indication on first two publication. Thanks for sharing the 3rd publication on mediafire. my email