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Purify water the old Indian style.

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  • Purify water the old Indian style.

    Purify water the old Indian style.

    Copper vessels kill germs

    We Indian's spend thousands on designer taps, water purifiers for safe guards, but the age old Hindu traditional copper vessels, utensils, taps, doors etc have now proved to be anti-bacteria which safe guards, this shows our ancestors knowledge of depth in every aspect of healthy living.

    Now An Indo-Australian team of researchers has found that water, if stored in copper vessels for about 24 hours, gets purified as the harmful bacteria present in it become inactivated or gets destroyed.

    To find out if the inactivated bacteria can become activated when one drinks the water, scientists fed water purified through a copper tumbler to rats. The rats did not develop any of the symptoms of infection caused by these bacteria.

    "Copper attacks the DNA and other protein molecules present in the bacteria and cause them severe injury. This injury later leads to their death. For bacteria to die it takes about 24 hours," said Dr Riti Sharan, one of the researchers.

    For a country like India where pure drinking water is a dream in many localities and for a vast section of its people, the Indian tradition of storing water in copper vessels reduces the chance of a number of infections, she pointed out.

    Dr Sharan is part of the three-member Indo-Australian team comprising Dr Sanjay Chhibberb and Dr Robert H Reeda.

    The researchers tested the anti-bacterial effect of copper against bacteria like Salmonella Typhi, Salmonella typhimurium, Vibrio cholerae and E coli. They found that copper can kill these harmful pathogens present in contaminated water.

    "The copper vessel should be pure at least 95 per cent copper and five per cent zinc. If the copper content is less than 95 per cent it will not kill the harmful pathogens. In our studies we have taken 99 per cent pure copper vessels," said Dr Sharan.

    Copper vessel keeps germs in water away http://www.deccanchronicle/.