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Miracles do happen:

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  • Miracles do happen:

    Miracles do happen:

    I wish to share my personal experience that happened about thirty years ago.

    Salalah. Many would not have heard this name unless they have visited Sultanate of Oman. This seaside town is the most beautiful place in Dhofar region, the southern most Vilayat in Oman. I landed in Salalah on March,2,1982 on my first posting as Senior Accountant to a leading Importer of Food items in the Sultanate. The quarters given to me was well furnished and neat. After the initial enthusiasm of visiting a new Country, my mind started roaming backwards. I started getting the thoughts of leaving my family alone at home and wondered whether I had made a mistake in throwing away a respectable position in India for an uncertain future. Soon a sort of depression started to set in me.

    When we are lonely and sad, mind goes after in search of that X factor what we call God, the supreme power, to find an answer.

    While arranging my things in the bed room, I observed a stack of old Tamil Magazines on my reading Table. This was left by the previous occupant, a Srilankan Tamil while vacating the place. I browsed the magazines to keep my mind away from home and pass my time. To my surprise I found a copy of Idayam Pesugirathu (இதயம் பேசுகிறது) issue among the books, wherein the story describing the life and miracles of Guru Sri Raghavendra was published. I was dumb struck beyond rational reasoning by the coincidence. I am an ardent devotee of Gururaya and used to visit his Brindavanam at Manthralayam regularly. Though we are smarthas, our family members were devotees of Sri Raghavendra for three generations.This is too much of a coincidence to happen ! How could my Guru found the place where I was to stay in that unheard of small town in the corner of a Gulf Country and wait for me to come? For me at that point of time it was a miracle indeed. Within no time, my mind regained peace and there was no turning point for me. I had successful innings for eight more years in Oman with regular promotions in my job.

    Throughout my stay in Oman-Muscat He took care of my health and prosperity.

    For me every day of existence is a miracle and a new day.