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An Incident to Remember.

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  • An Incident to Remember.

    Where could we find those kind of people today?
    While browsing the internet I stepped into a news item, that took my memory to an incident which happened long back, some time in 1958 or 59. I was returning from Madras to Coimbatore by Nilgiri Express. When the train started from Central two gentlemen rushed into the compartment and got in. It was a third class reserved compartment for sitting. In those days there was no sleeper Compartments. One person was fair and lean, wearing Khadi kurtha, dhothi and a towel over his shoulder and the other was little dark complexioned wearing white shirt, dhothi and a towel over his shoulder. They were allotted seats nearby in the same bench. They were carrying ordinary bags containing their clothes and some documents. They were discussing some politics and the assembly proceedings for some time. The ticket examiner came and when he saw them he respectfully enquired about their welfare and asked whether they would like to upgrade their tickets to travel by first class. The two gentlemen told that it is OK for them to travel by third class.

    The fair gentleman turned to me and introduced himself as K.R.Nallasivam, MLA from Chennimalai and the other was N.K.Palaniswami also a ( Communist) MLA from next constituency. He told they would get down at Erode, till then we can adjust and sleep in the available space on the bench.In the mean while Sri.Palaniswami climbed up on the luggage rack and spread his towel to sleep. I could not believe at the simplicity and ease with which they moved with others. Later I came to know that Sri K.R.Nallasivam from Kodumudi was an agriculturist and respected Congressman turned staunch Socialist and spent his entire life in the service of people.

    He was an MLA for nineteen years from 1952 to 1971 (19 years), but did not own any property.
    Now please read the news item in the following URL:

    The Hindu : Tamil Nadu / Erode News : Cheque given to former MLA’s wife


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    Re: An Incident to Remember.

    Oh! how nice to hear!
    Our future generation will have no chance to see such great things!
    I did not read the linked message.

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      Re: An Incident to Remember.

      Additional information:

      Later the Government of Tamilnadu awarded a family pension of Rs.3,000/=pm to Mrs. Nallasivam.