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Be a Bee not a selfish spider.

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  • Be a Bee not a selfish spider.

    Be a Bee not a selfish Spider

    Success comes from hard work and happiness and freedom comes from helping others

    Be a Bee not a selfish spider.

    Bee is always busy in collecting honey. Spider is busy in building net and catching prey. Bee flies from flower to flower, humming pleasant music and collecting sweet nectar. The spider is always in the watch to catch its prey.

    As usual, a bee was flying freely from flower to flower collecting nectar from them and helping the plants to pollinate and find fruits of their own. With a pleasant humming music the bee was enjoying its journey of friendship, while doing its duty.

    As it was flying in a jolly mood, unknowingly it was trapped and fell in a web of a spider. Somehow it manages to free its wings from the fetters of the web. But the struggling vibrations of the bee reached the spider which was in deep slumber in the central room of its web cabin.

    As soon as the spider felt the presence of a stranger in its web it rushed to the spot and began to have a final conversation with the victim which had become an almost assured prey.
    In an aggressive tone of a dictator the spider laughed at the bee and shouted, “You roam about from flower to flower without any relaxation for your wings. Look, all your hard work goes a mere waste for you as they benefit only others.”

    The bee tried to reply in its feeble voice “unfortunately, you never realize that you live aloof, being caught in your own selfishness.’ You neither enjoy nor allow others to live peacefully as you are always on your feet ready to strangle your victims!”
    Making others happy is the most esteemed goal of our life and we thank God for this blissful life.”
    Saying these words the bee suddenly jumped out and escaped from the spider.

    A lesson from the bee and the spider

    this world is full of selfish people like this spider; neither they live nor they let others live. Their selfishness swallows things which belong to others. Their selfish attitude strangles and suffocates lives of others. The spinning web that captivates others is the product of their selfish nature. It is inherent in them, not easily seen by others. Once caught in their web, it is extremely difficult to escape from them.

    Some people in the world are like the bee. They work hard without counting the reward. They live for others and suffer for others. They are always duty-minded. They plunge into action to move humanity forward. They collect their bitter experiences and pass on to others, changing them into useful knowledge of sweet honey. They have the special charisma of making even bitterness into sweetness. They volunteer to make lives of others sweet.
    It is our turn now to ask ourselves, “Am I a spider harming others or a bee helping others.