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Some Thoughts on Sixth Sense

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  • Some Thoughts on Sixth Sense

    Some Thoughts on Sixth Sense

    Everyone is aware of their five basic senses, seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing and tasting.
    Is this Sixth Sense keeping Humans apart from animals?
    The sixth sense in the animal kingdom is a sense which tells animals about the dangers they may face; humans come to know such dangers through Technology.
    Then what is that called Sixth Sense? Is it extra Sensory Perception?
    Almost every one of us knows the feeling when the right decision is taken by itself, by intuition. Sometimes this sensation is called “sixth sense”. Intuitively decision is often more correct and can help find solutions to all sorts of problems in everyday life.
    Have you seen the movie called the Sixth Sense, where Bruce Willis was that dead guy who didn't know he was dead? How about that very famous line "I see dead people"? Try to imagine yourself in the shoes of that psychic child who can communicate with the spirits of those who have passed on. The child was very scared every time he had a close encounter with these spirits. However, they say any extra-ordinary ability can be a psychic ability
    The 6th Sense is often referred to as ESP, or extra-sensory perception. It is a very rare psychic ability to transmit and receive information outside the five human senses. The 6th Sense often uses what is known as the "third eye". This third eye is invisible and located between your eyebrows, in the center of your forehead.
    The sixth sense seems to operate without any help at all from the body; it seems
    to be entirely mental.
    Generally the sixth sense is known for the ability to sense danger but sometimes it is associated with one’s gut-instinct when trying to choose the right course of action.
    The ability to sense danger is uncanny, that is, to sense something beyond the capacity of the other five senses.

    Is this Sixth Sense Feeling?

    · Think back of dreams you had that later seemed to come true. These are times when you experience the feeling that you have been through this before.
    · Recall the times that you had a hunch or feeling that something would happen and then it really did happen. Of course, most times these feelings are the result of knowledge you may have about the incident, but there are times when you just had that special feeling and then the event came true.
    · Think of the times you have thought of the same thing at the same time as another person. Eliminate those times that it was just a coincidence. Also think of the times when you seemed to know what someone was thinking. Eliminate those situations where you could read their body language.
    · Remember situation where you felt a spiritual presence of someone or something. Recalling these events shows that there were times in your life when you appeared through your 6th sense.

    Recalling these events show that there were times in your life you felt you are seeing you in your sixth sense

    ''This sixth sense isn't something that is magical. It is something that the human brain is wired to do. The research shows that we do have the capacity to understand people at a deeper level than we normally do in general conversation says Ms Straford, who has a master's degree in psychotherapy

    Hindu Concept of Sixth Sense.
    A Human form is the sum of three parts body, mind, and the soul (spirit). It is impossible for any human to live if any of these parts are inoperative; the body is the physical form we manifest. The body as it is called is no more than a complex network of tissues, systems, and organs that work together to sustain life. It is the shell of a human. Without a body we fail to exist on the terrestrial terrain we refer to as earth. When life has been extinguished all shells will breakdown and crumble to dust. In this sense we are all alike.
    The mind is the complex interaction of spirit and the body. Information flows through the body (brain) but our spirit allows us to take joy or respond in anguish to that which we are witness to. Mind and body exist separately; the mind and brain casually interact, but not often. When the body dies, the soul goes to the afterlife.

    The soul and the brain must interact because soul is defined as a faculty of thought, action, and end emotion. Actions are imagined in the soul (or mind), but they must be carried out through the brain.
    The spirit is an unseen internal force. The spirit is what makes us human separating us from animals who survive by baser instincts. When God speaks he speaks to the spirit of man. It is our inner man that feels the impact of His call..
    Is this spiritual feeling is called Sixth Sense?

    I leave this topic to you; you can form your own opinion on this and write comments if you wish
    Have a nice day!