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  • Bhujangam


    The sanskrit word "bhujanga" means "serpent" or "snake." Bhujanga is itself derived from the Sanskrit root "bhuj," which means to bend or curve. .

    Sri Shankara Bhagavatpada came to Sringeri looking to establish a peetha (seat of learning) for Sharadamba, where on the bank of the Tunga river, he saw an unusual sight. A cobra spread out its hood over a frog in labour pains, in order to protect the pregnant frog from the scorching sun. WonderStuck with the sanctity of the place, which could infuse love between natural adversaries, the MahAswAminAh chose Sringagiri to set up a Mutt. He spent there over 12 years of his all-too precious life of 32 years. This should give us an idea of the esteem the great Shankaracharya had for this holy spot. Sringeri also finds mention in Srimad Ramayana and upanishads as the abode of the great sage, Rishyashringa, after whom it is thus named.

    Sharada Bhujangam is in praise of Sharada Devi at Sringeri on the banks of
    Tungabhadra is the story of how Sringeri Mutt was established

    Sri Shivabhujangam is a beautiful stotra composed by Sri AdiShankaracharya in the Bhujanga metre in praise of Lord Shiva. The stotra extolls the greatness of Lord Shiva and his leelas.

    Sri Subrahmanya Bhujangam is a beautiful stotra composed by Sri Adi-Shankaracharya in praise of Lord Subrahmanya at the famous shore temple of Tiruchendur, in Tamil Nadu. The stotra comprises of 33 verses in the peculiar Bhujanga metre and is the only known stotra composition of Sri Adishankarachayra in praise of Lord Skanda.

    Bhujanga asana is usually translated as the cobra pose, however, because in the posture the arms resemble the hood of a king cobra.
    Bhujanga asana causes the practitioner to mold her body into a curved shape resembling a snake

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    Re: Bhujangam

    Quite interesting and educative I had been to Shringeri many times this is the first time i learnt the sthala puranam thank you very much sir