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WHY do we say Naked Eye when Eye is always Naked?

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  • WHY do we say Naked Eye when Eye is always Naked?

    WHY do we say Naked Eye when Eye is always Naked?

    "Naked eye” refers to looking at something without any enhancement.

    The naked eye is a figure of speech referring to human visual perception that is unaided by a magnifying or light-collecting optical device, such as a telescope or microscope.
    In other words, if you pick something up and just look at it then you are looking at it with your” naked eyes". However if you have that same object in one hand and a
    magnifying glass in the other hand and you use that to examine the object then
    you would no longer be looking at it with a "naked eye" even though
    you are still using your eyes
    .For example, these
    insects are too small to be seen with the naked eye'

    Another example is: ‘There are millions of stars up there which aren’t visible to the naked eye.’
    This expression was first recorded in 1664
    Eyeglasses are corrective lenses mounted in frames that
    help those with vision problems see clearly.

    Around 1284 in Italy, Salvino D'Armate is credited with
    inventing the first wearable eye glasses.

    The contact lenses are corrective lenses without the frames, which put a tiny
    corrective lens directly on the cornea of the eye.
    Contact lenses were first made in Europe near the turn of
    the twentieth century using glass. In 1936 IG Farben, a German company, made
    the first contact lens from Plexiglas--still used today for "hard"
    contact lenses.

    An American inventor named Tuohy began use of a lens that
    covers only the cornea and in 1964 a Czech named Wichterle made the first
    flexible or "soft" lens. Today there is an array of hard and soft lenses,
    extended wear lenses, tinted lenses, lenses that can correct astigmatism, and
    lenses to correct color blindness.

    With anything you put in your eye, it's crucial to be very careful with hygiene.

    Please do not ask me why we never say NAKED
    NOSE when we do not use Spectacles or eye glasses (contact lenses)

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