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Maha Periyavar was sAkSAt Sarvesvara.

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  • Maha Periyavar was sAkSAt Sarvesvara.

    Maha Periyavar was sAkSAt Sarvesvara.

    Raman was a photographer. He came to Kanchipuram with his powerful camera to take photos of Maha PeriyavaaL.

    If he took a snap of Maha PeriyavaaL in meditation, the flash light might disturb his meditation; so he waited.

    When the Mahaan got up from his dhyAnam, Raman opened his camera and kept it ready for taking a snap. The Mahaan stood up raising his hand, which seemed like a gesture of blessing. Raman quickly snapped some picture of the sage.

    All the pictures he took using his powerful camera had so far come out well. So he had a satisfaction of a similar result this time too.

    An assistant who came trotting to him asked excitedly, "Why did you take pictures even when Maha Periyavaa gestured to say no to you?"

    Raman was confused. "Maha Periyavaa only blessed (by raising his hand)?"

    "You thought his gesture to say no to be a gesture of blessing? The pictures you took of him would not have got recorded in your film", said the assitant.

    This made Raman get angry. 'You do not know what sort of a camera this one is. How can the pictures I took not be recorded? Let me see.' With such a haughty thought in mind he went to his place and as a first thing had the frames washed and developed. Not a single photograph that he took of Maha Perivar was visible.

    The next minute Raman understood that Maha Periyavar was sAkSAt Sarvesvara.

    Later he came to Kanchipuram leisurely, took permission from the Mahaan supplicating with love and devotion, took snaps and got his wish fulfilled.