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    Thenambakkam Photos

    Thenambakkam is a very important place in the life of Periyava and needs no introduction. For some reason, I have not received the full blessings to see this place in proper lighting – only partial blessing After I finished the visit @Mani mandapam and darshan of HH Kuvalaikkal Swamigal, I went here and it was already starting to get dark. On top of that, there was power outage to make it worse. I ended up taking photos with the flash on, which i hardly do.
    • Most of you know the background of this place….particularly the room you see – it is probably a 10×10 room with one window intentionally built and Periyava stayed in this room for entire 1 year or so as I heard. Bikshai was given through the small opening on the left of the photo…A small Pillayar vigraham was carved out of a single stone and installed right opposite from this window so that Periyava can slide the opening and get darshan….There are multiple stories to why Periyava chose to stay this way. In fact the Shivacharyar of this place gave one explanation, which was different than what I heard etc. Anyway, He only knows why He did that….

    • Secondly the well, famous well….In fact many of the folks I met have met Periyava here so many times….They have very beautiful memories of this place. All are expected to be on the other side of the well….When called by Him, some small boys jump over the well to get to the other side etc! Indra Gandhi, some foreign diplomats have visited Him right around this well…

    • Small tub for snanam for Periyava

    • In one of the photos, you will see a staircase on the right (partially). I was told that Periyava took these stairs in the morning to see all the gopurams of Kanchipuram – Gopura darisanam koti punniyam.

    Source; mahesh