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I saw, the Periyava.

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  • I saw, the Periyava.

    I saw, the Periyava.

    My cousin Anand who is an artist and I planned to go to Kancheepuram in May 1984 and surrender ourselves at the lotus feet of Maha Swamigal with apparently no intention except a bit of knowledge from that infinite mind.

    We both were on fast and vowed not to take even water until we meet Swamiji. When we reached Kancheepuram, we came to know that Sri Swamiji was out of station.

    I could see my cousin’s exasperated face; he maintained absolute silence with a self-endured depression.

    After offering prayers at Sri Kamakshi temple, we stood before the sannathi of Sri Adhi Sankara. My counsin then said, “I will not come here again; let Sami come to me, at home”. I admonished him, and asked him to look around where we can see the Holy footprints of the past Shankaracharyas from the “Adhi”; we are walking through their foot prints and, they were blessing us. We must understand that there are many invisible things than visible ones.

    Spiritual experience is an unspeakable reality to those who persistently practice with devotion. Reading the holy scripts, control over the mind, health and body, visiting noble and holy places, and to obtain blessings from enlightened souls are essential to achieve a self evolving peace and tranquility within.

    We returned home and the next day early morning, I woke up to a weeping sound. It was my cousin. I saw him seated on the mat and when I enquired, he replied, “I saw, the Periyava... He was sitting… here! Just facing me with a radiant smile…". Tears rolled from his face.

    This living experience shows how the great hermit of Kanchi responded to a single person. I believe that although the great seer is not with us physically, He is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient, and His unseen spiritual hands can reach us whenever we surrender before Him.

    Author: Shri P.Suseelan, Kollam

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    Re: I saw, the Periyava.

    Spiritual experiences are beyond rational explanation and difficult explain. But a personal miracle.