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Do not hold your Sell phone in your Mouth!!

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  • Do not hold your Sell phone in your Mouth!!

    A 22-year-old man was injured critically and a portion of the thatched roof of his shanty in Ghurwada village of Seoni district was damaged after a mobile phone he was holding in his mouth burst. The youth was holding the mobile in his mouth and using it as a torch to search some object stacked underneath the thatched roof.

    The blast injured him seriously and has damaged his jaws and nasal pipe; the injured man has been taken to Nagpur for treatment by his relatives.

    "Mithlesh switched on the torch facility on his mobile and while holding it in his mouth was searching for a packet containing sugar which was stored in the thatched roof of his shanty," Narendra Thakur, husband of the village sarpanch told TOI.

    "It was some Chinese-make handset which was being used by him," Thakur added.

    The incident took place between 9 and 10pm and the relatives immediately took him to Seoni but seeing his condition he was referred to Nagpur, said sources. Doctors at Seoni informed the parents that the chances of his survival are very low, added sources.