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    An Exclusive Grace!
    author:...... M.K.P. ShanmugaSundaram, sthapati (sculptor), KeezhveLoor
    compiler:... T.S. Kothandarama Sarma
    book:......... Maha PeriyavaL - Darisana AnubhavangaL vol. 2, pages 87-88
    publisher:.. Vanathi Padhippaham (May 2005 Edition)

    About 27 years ago, TiruvaaLar D. Jagannatha Naidu, who was the DharmaKarta of Kanchi PeriyavaaL's favourite kSetra SuruttupPaLLi Sri PaLLiKondeeswarar temple, asked me, when I was employed in the temple construction works of Takkolam Jalanatha temple, to prepare an estimate for his temple.

    I went and looked over the SuruttupPaLLi temple, prepared an estimate and gave it to him. Some months later, he told me that he had obtained quotations from two more sthapatis, and that he would show them to Maha Munivar Kanchi PeriyavaaL and consult him about which estimate to accept. Though I was having experience in TiruppaNi (temple construction) works for 45 years, I was trained according to the Tamil Agamas. I also had many years of experience of working under several gurus. Many people who followed the Sanskrit Agamas were working in the MaTham. Many sthapatis had the support of the MaTham. So I was not hopeful of getting this job ahead of these people. Tiru. D. Jagannatha Naidu asked me to come to the MaTham. I went with him to the place on the banks of the river in Tenambakkam where Periya SwamigaL was staying.

    We were told that Maha SwamigaL observed a vow of silence on that day. When SwamigaL came out after sometime, Tiru. Naidu gave him the three estimates that included mine. Keeping aside the estimates given by sthapatis who were more popular than me, Maha SwamigaL chose my estimate and blessed me.

    With financial assistance from Kanchi MaTham, the entire TiruppaNi was done by me.

    On a full moon day, when the TiruppaNi was going on, my workers and I went again to Kanchi for another blessings from Maha SwamigaL; I whispered to Tiru. Naidu that I was eager to see Maha SwamigaL give me darshan with a smile. Tiru. Naidu asked me to keep quiet. As if knowing what was in my mind, SwamigaL gave darshan for a long time, with a smile blossoming in his face. Naidu said forthwith, "This is the grace of Maha SwamigaL!" Many such incidents have happened in my life.

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