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  • Language Of Vedas.

    Many people think that Vedas are composed in Sanskrit. But it is not so. Sanskrit appeared many years later than Vedas. Here is a clarification by Kanchi Paramacharya.

    "The Vedic language is not Sanskrit but Chandas. Chandas means not only metre but also the Vedas in which are metrically composed as well as the language of the Vedas. The language used in ordinary speech, poetry the Puranas , the epics, other writings is Sanskrit. The Vedic language alone is Chandas. When Panini makes a reference to the Vedas he says “iti chandasi” and when he refers to any question relating to Sanskrit he says, “iti loke”.

    Sanskrit, which evolved through a constant process of ‘samskara’ or refinement, contains many words drawn from the Vedic language. But if there is a language that is based entirely on sounds meant for the well being of mankind it is Chandas. ‘Krtam ‘means created; ‘samskrtam’ means well created it would thus mean that the language called Sanskrit was created with great effort and care."
    ———-Kanchi Paramacharya Swamikal (1894 – 1994)