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    Dear sir
    Please guide me how to change my user logingin name, e'mail, and PW anew.. Iwas guided by the administrater in the other forum and Igot it done in about 15 minutes. I should not make mistakes while editing the columns. Please also let me whether the full name at the beginning of the form is different from logging name.Which name you will take into account the full name or logging name in the FB platformm. Narasimhan

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    Re: Editing profile

    Dear Sir,
    I have changed the style the forum for you
    by which you will not get the side elements.

    If you see a postman figure on the lower right corner occasionally
    click on him and he will take you to your inbox where you may have some new messages for you.
    Click on that new message and read, he will disappear.
    Whenever you get a new message he will appear.

    You can not change your user name but you can change your email, password etc.
    You can use the "Settings" menu found at the top right corner of every page to change all the things found in your profile.
    If you think that it is a must to change your user name, then let me know the user name which you want to appear.

    Sorry, and kindly forgive me, that I do not have adequate knowledge to maintain the site how other forums are doing.
    Kindly bear with me.

    Thanks for choosing this forum for asking your vaideeka, Shastra, Sampradaya doubts,
    please visit frequently and share information anything you think that will be useful for this forum members.
    Encourage your friends to become member of this forum.
    Best Wishes and Best Regards,