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    seemantham valai kappu is ladies function. generally we are doing in the eighth month.Days:monday,wednesday,Thursday and friday. Thithi: dwetiyai;thrithiyai;panchami;sapththami;dasami;thr ayodasi, chathurdasi pournami; Stars: aswathi;rohoni; mirigasiridam;punarpoosam;poosam; uthiram;hastham;chithrai;swathi;anusham;moolam;uth radam;thiruvonam;avittam;sadayam;uthratadhi,and revathy; Lagnam: Except simham and virischigam all other ten lagnams are o.k.

    The 8th house from lagnam must be clean without any planet. kasaram should not be there. Thara palam and chandra palam must be there.

    Udhaka shanthy with 6 sastrigals must be done and prathisara bandham=for ladies one thread should be tied in the left hand.

    For more details you may buy the book 40 samskarangal written by Srivatsa somadeva sarma .

    In the SABHARI sudha thiruganitha panchangam they have written as follows for valai kappu: Stars: rohini,mirugtasirsham,punrpoosam,poosam,uthiram,ha stham,uthiradam,thiruonam, uthiratadhi, and revathy. Thithi: thiruthiyai,panchami,sapthami, ekadasi,thrayodasi. All lagnams except simham, and virischigam. The 8th and 9 th place must be without any planets from that lagnam .Thara palam and chandra palam must be there. This must be done only in the aarohana time of sun That is before twelve o clock the function must be celebrated.

    valai kappu can be celebrated in the month of aadi.

    Udhaka saanthi: permission; ganesa pooja; sankalpam for udhaka shanthi ; place some paady or wheat on the old news paper and place another news paper place some raw rice; place the kudam duly filled with water,elakkai; krambu; pachai kalpooram etc; put one vasthram on the kudam; haaram; apply sandal paste and kumkumam; place mango bunch leaf; koorcham; and coconut.

    request 8 or 6 or 4 sastrigals to chant udhaga shanti mantras i.e. aayul increasing manthras, jayadhi manthram; sraddha sooktham; brahma sooktham; nakshathra sooktham, bhavamana sooktham etc; will be chanted by the sastrigals. this will take 3 hours. Then prokshanam and/or abishekam to the pregnant lady.

    Then prathisara bhandham= for ladies in the left hand one yellow colour twine nool will be knotted with manthras. (kankanam kattikolluthal) For this navagraha preethi dakshinai; one small brass sombu with water adorned with nool.

    Requirements for pumsavanam and seemantham:

    Turmeric powder 50 gram; sandalwood powder 10 gram; kumkumam 10 gram; plantain fruit 25;Betel nut 100 grams; betel leaf 200; plantain leaf 6; thodutha pushpam 5 meters; mango leaf bunch 10; ghee 500 grams; haaram for couple 2; for brass kudam 1; wheat 2kg; raw rice 2 kg; black gram 300 grams; gingilly seeds 100 grams; vraaty 10 nos; sraai thool 2 kilo;

    cow's milk 200 milli; scented sticks 1 pocket; camphor 1 pocket; Brass kudam 1; vasthram for brass kudam 1; Bell 1; aasana palagai or thadukku 8 nos; visiri 1; kuthu vilakku1; oil for deepam and thiri and match box; Vasthram for aalamokku paal piliya; pethy leaf bunch 1; panri mul 1; paady 50 grams well drenched in water a day before; Veena music CD 1; pancha pathra uthirini 1;

    elakkai; pachai kalpooram vilamichai root; krambu; coconut 6 nos; ammi kulavi 1; sambhavanai for the kanya girl who crushed the aaalamokku; small brass sombu for punyahavachanam; aala mokku 6 nos with leaf.

    mango leaf bunch; coconut; sandal paste; kumkumam;; above wheat and rice place this sombu; requset atleast 4 sastrigals to chant manthras for prathisar bandham . place a nool on the north of sombu above rice the nool pasted with turmeric powder.

    sastrigals will chant pavamaana sooktham; varuna sooktham; rudhra sooktham; Brahma sooktham; vishnu sooktham; durga sooktham; sri sooktham etc; and then 3 times chanting namo brahmanae; varunan yatha sthaanam. Then chant surabimathi manthram and ablingathi manthram prokshanam to the nool;Then take veebhuthi and apply to the thread by chanting thryambagam yajamahe 3 times.

    then sastrigal will chant 5 manthras agniraayushman etc; by touching the hand then the palm will be filled with rice and fruit and by chanting brahat sama manthram the thread will be knotted in the left hand. by the husband.

    Then after wearing the veebhuthi duly chanted with manthras donate dhakshinai to the sastrigals. This may be done in the previous day or on the same day as per your convenience.

    Then get permission to do bhumsavanam; ganapathy pooja ; vischinnagni santhanam; aupaasanam; and homam in the aupaasanagni.

    paathra sadhanam along with aala mara leaf 2 with 2 aalankai;or aala mara fruit; ; If poosible the aala mara fruit must be picked from the north or east direction of the aala maram. (It is possible only in villages in india). As this is public forum I am giving this information.

    Then homam with four manthras and then another homam with 4 manthras then jayadhi homam; . Then do graha preethi dakshina;

    Any girl before puberty must grind the aalan kolundhu in an ammi and put it in a new vasthram . pregnant lady must sit down facing east; her husband must stand facing west chant the manthra bhusavanamasi with his thumb in the vasthram spin the vasthram in the right nostril .
    to be continued

    Then sangalpam for naandhi sratham. Sathya vasu viswedevar 2 sastrigals;pithru varga females 2 satrigals; pithru varga males 2 sastrigals. then mathru vargam 2 sastrigals; then maha vishnu 2 sastrigals; donate them raw rice; green gram dhall plantain kaai; vasthram;thamboolam and dhakshinai according tom the financial status of the individual;

    Then punyahavachanam. Then get permission for seemantham graha preethi and with the help of panri mul; pethi leaf bunch; dharbhai vahudu prikka vendum in the head.

    Homam with above said 8 manthras and then do jayaathi homam and then praayaschitha homam . do graha preethi. wife must sit down facing east husband facing west do vahudu prithal with manthras. Then do phala dhaanam to brahmins, homa upasthaanam aasirvatham and aarathi oedhee iduthal to sambandhi mariathy.

    permission=anuggai; ganapathy pooja; begining graha preethi; 4 or 8 sastrigals for udaga shanthi; udaga shanthi japa dakshinai; vichinnaoupaasana agni santhanam; oupaasanam; pumsavana seemantha anuggai; graha preethi; naandhi; punyahavachanam; prathisara bandhanam; groom vadhyar and bride 's father's sambhavanai ; haarathi; phaladhanam;

    Pregnancy 5th month: The pregnant lady used to go to her parents house; caster oil will be given to her there; Black colour saree will be given to her .Then bangles wearing in the bride.s house; groom family will go there to attend the function; In the eighth month pumsavanam seemantham will be performed in the groom's house.

    Bride's father family will bring pattu paai; paruppu thengai; dhothy; saree ;blouse; sweets and savoury; money ; fruits; flowers; thaamboolam etc; to the groom's house and will attend the function. Groom's sister will purchase one saree for the pregnant lady. Only on the next day after seemantham the bride will go to her parent's house; Udhaga shanthi ; prathisarabandhan and nandhi will be done on the previous day . seemantham will be done on the auspicious day;.. Sambandhi mariaathaiy will be done to the bride's father by the groom's father.

    Instrumental music veena cd or dvd can be played. by hearing this the child will have sangeetha gnanam.

    Valai kaapu brode's family expenses. Seemantham groom's party expenses. Arrange ments must be made for water, meals, tiffin etc. photo,video if required make arrange ments. shamiana, table, chair, paper/plastic cups , etc; make arrangements.

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    Thanks a lot for providing such elaborate information about so many rituals and functions, Sir!