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Kasi Yatra-Leaving a Fruit, A vegetable and a Leaf

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  • Kasi Yatra-Leaving a Fruit, A vegetable and a Leaf

    Kasi Yatra - leaving a Fruit, a Vegetable and a Leaf

    Every Hindu Brahmin is expected to visit Kasi/Gaya at least once and perform SRAADHA and leave from his consumption ( swear off) a vegetable,a leaf and a fruit; we left. Seetha Fruit, Bitter gourd ( Pavakkai ) and Aala Leaf.. ( banyan Tree leaf)

    We leave those items which are not very much liked by us and in course of time we forget the items left, and eat either the Fruit or Vegetable as we attend parties and take lunch in which one of these item is mixed up in Avial, or Ice cream, ..

    What is the purpose behind giving up things? It is giving up desires.

    People misunderstand this; Basically it is an exercise to control our mind and our desires and strengthen our will power so that we start moving ahead in our spiritual journey leaving our bondage to materialistic things behind.

    This post is for sharing knowledge only, no intention to violate any copy rights