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    adiyen dasasya vignaapanam.
    those who are in my age group (62) and above used to simply obey what our parents or elders say without questioning, especially when they "ordered" us to follow the rituals. But now a days children do not simply obey us. They question anything and every thing we ask them to do. That is in a way appreciable. They want proper reasoning for anything. They do not want to blindly follow anything or anybody. Once they are convinced by proper reasonings they simply follow it more rigourously than we expect. But the difficulty is, since most of us follow our elders without knowing the reasons behind, we most often fail to communicate with our children. Many would have observed that most of the younger generation, employed in highly enviable jobs, are very knowledgeable in our samprathayam. Sri Vinodh of, is just one example. Visit FaceBook where we can meet so many youngsters dedicated to our samprathayam. In fact adiyen learn from these young masters only.
    Recently an awareness to do sandhyavandhanam is on the increase. HH Srimad Chinna Azhakiasingar stressed the importance of this in all His anugraha bhashanams at Thiruppullani., which is a favourite of many here to visit on the early hours of every day, is flasing to remind us to do sandhyas.
    Masi month is just over when hundreds of lads would have their upanayanam performed. If they are educated on the need of performing sandhyavandhanam, they will definitely do it.
    And when adiyen was strolling along the Triplicane platform two days back, a small booklet was found in the platform. The introduction is enough for one to pledge to perform sandhyavandhanam without fail. It contains a 60 page avatharikai in simple Tamil and also a word to word meaning for the sandhyavandhana mantras with short notes also.

    The Avatharikai is also available at
    adiyen will upload the manthram part and inform later.
    adiyen request you to kindly print it out (yathasakthi) and distribute to the children.
    Please remember it is the protector of our life. We care more for our children to become engineers , doctors etc. But more important is they should become brahmins. Please consider.

    T. Raguveeradayal