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    This vratham will come on the next day of vinayaka chathurthy. That is in this year it falls on 20-9-2012. This must be done for eight years. You may do udhyaapanam on the first year or on the eight year or on any one of the 8 years period.

    Rishis: kashyapar; Athri; Bharathwajar; viswamithrar. gouthamar; Jamadhagni; Vasishtar and rishi pathni Arundhathi are offered poojas.

    Those observing this vratham after sankalpam will gift one red colour saree to one purohit, (9 yards ), if the vratham is observed by sumangalis , and a white 9 yards saree sprinkled with turmeric and lime mixture if observed by others.

    They have to clean their teeth with naayuruvi kuchi 108 times and to take bath 108 times. brush the teeth with naayuruvi kuchi and take bath. again brush the teeth with second nayuruvi kuchi and take bath. like this they have to do 108 times.

    After this do yamuna pooja. Keep in eight winnows , the items to be gifted to the purohits./sastrigals . In one winnow, kjeep a box of blouse bit, comb,mirror, bangles, turmeric powder and kumkumam boxes dakshinai for offering to a sumangali after invoking her as Arundathy.

    For the saptha rishis keep in 7 winnows Idly, kolokattai; vadai; athirasam, black ellu urundai, coconut, thamboolam, dakshinai and varieties of fruits. some will add eight varieties of fruits, and 8 varieties of sweets also. THose who observe this vratham will take only fruits and milk only on that day.

    For completing (udhyaapanam) of this vratham Eight one litre capacity brass sombu (kalasam), Prathimai silver foils 8 nos; towels 8 nos; This is a big vratham. so dasa dhaanam must be done. DASA DHANAM: Cow dhanam instead of this one mattai coconut with more dakshinai; Agricultural land dhanam, instead of this sandal wood piece with more dakshinai; gold; silver; 9x5 dhoty; gingilly nseeds; ghee; paddy or wheat; salt; jaggery .

    Four kaala pooja must be done for completing the vratham on one rishipanchami day. Four types of neivedhyam should be offered for each kaalam. idli, vadai, athirasam, ellundai, maha neivedhyam, pittu, sevai, aval uppuma, kolukattai, payasam in differnt kinds , Variety rice etc; THese should be given to sastrigals as vaayana dhaanam.

    After the four kaala poojas are over, during night, eight sastrigals must be fed with tiifinwho will be receiving the kalasams the next day. On the next day punar pooja must be done. The vradham observing person will have abhishekam from the kalasam water. and the kalasams will be given to the sastrigals as gift.

    Then dhambathy pooja must be done. for this pooja requires 9x5 dhoty, saree with blouse, thirumangalyam in gold and silver metty for the toe. THe dhoty and the saree should not have black yarn or border. Usually the aathu sastrigal will sit with his wife for dhambathy pooja.

    The couple will be treated as goddess Parvathy and God Parameshwara. Pooja will be done to them and after thirumangalya dhaaranam aarathy will be taken. Then they will be given lunch. only after this the vratham observer should take their food.