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Narayaneeyam Dasakam: 58

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  • Narayaneeyam Dasakam: 58

    Narayaneeyam Dasakam: 58 -- Lord Krishna Rescue from Fire
    Saving of Gopas and Gokula from forest fire in Brindavan

    In the evening, Krishna and Balarama, along with the boys and cows, returned to Vrndavana, playing their flutes. As they approached the village, the cows, being unobserved, began to wander off on their own, entering farther and farther into the deepest part of the forest, allured by fresh grasses. The goats, cows and buffalo traveled from one forest to another and entered the forest known as Isikatavi. This forest was full of green grass, and therefore they were allured; but when they entered, they saw that there was a forest fire, and they began to cry. On the other side, Balarama and Krsna, along with Their friends, could not find their animals, and they became very aggrieved. They began to trace the cows by following their footprints, as well as the path of eaten grass. All of the boys were fearing that their very means of livelihood, the cows, were now lost. Soon, however, they heard the crying of their cows.

    Krishna began to call the cows by their respective names, with great noise. Upon hearing Krishna s calling, the cows immediately replied with joy. But by this time the forest fire surrounded all of them, and the situation appeared to be very fearful. The flames increased as the wind blew very quickly, and it appeared that everything movable and immovable would be devoured. All the cows and the boys became very frightened. The cowherd boys approached Sri Krishna, for protection. They said, "O Krishna, our beloved! We take shelter under Thy feet. The wild fire threatens to reduce us to ashes. Thou art the Lord of infinite power. Pray protect us. You are our only Lord. We depend on you alone." Sri Krishna said, "My dear companions! Do not be afraid; close your eyes." Thereupon the boys shut their eyes. Sri Krishna asked them to open their eyes. When they opened their eyes they found themselves once more in Bhadiraka forest. They were greatly struck with wonder when they saw that all their cows had been miraculously saved from the fire. Observing the Yogic power of Sri Krishna and their miraculous escape from the wild fire, the boys thought that Sri Krishna was no human being but must be immortal God.

    Dasakam: 058 -- Slokam: 01

    [hd2]त्वयि विहरणलोले बालजालै: प्रलम्ब-
    प्रमथनसविलम्बे धेनव: स्वैरचारा: ।
    तृणकुतुकनिविष्टा दूरदूरं चरन्त्य:
    किमपि विपिनमैषीकाख्यमीषांबभूवु: ॥१॥[/hg2]

    As Thou were engaged in playing with the group of boys and were held up in the distruction of Pralambaasura, the cows moved far ahead in their eagerness to eat grass. They reached a nearby forest named Isheeka.