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  • NaaraayaNeeyam


    Dasakam: 082 -- Slokam: 01

    प्रद्युम्नो रौक्मिणेयः स खलु तव कला शम्बरे नाहर^इतस्तं
    हत्वा रत्या सहापतो निजपुरमहररद्रुक्मि कन्यां च धनयां|
    तत्पुत्रोथानिरुद्धो गुणनिधिरवःअद्रोचनां रुक्मी पौत्रीं
    ततोद्वाहे गतस्त्वं न्यवधि मुसलिना रुकम्यपि द्युउत वैरात||1

    Rukmini's (and Thy) son, Pradyumna, returned to Dwaraka with Rati, after killing thedemon Sambara, who had kidnapped him as soon as he was born. (Pradyumna wasKamadeva, reborn after being burnt to ashes by Lord Siva in anger. After kidnappinghim on birth, Sambara threw him into the sea, where he was swallowed by a fish,which was caught by a fisherman and brought to Sambara's house. When cut open bySambara's cook for making a dish for Sambara, Pradyumna came out of the belly ofthe fish and was secretly brought up by Rati .away Rukmi's daughter, Rukmavati, (by her good fortune), who later bore him a son, And later the good natured Anirudha who was the son of Pradhyumna,Married Rochana who was the daughter of the son of Rugmi,And you had attended this marriage and during this marriage,Balarama killed Rugmi after quarreling with him over gambling