Dasakam: 089 -- Slokam:6

भद्रं ते शाकुनेय भ्रमसि किमधुना त्वं पिशाचस्य वाचा सन्देहश्चेन्मदुक्तौ तव किमु न करोष्यङ्गुलीमङ्गमौलौ । इत्थं त्वद्वाक्यमूढ: शिरसि कृतकर: सोऽपतच्छिन्नपातं भ्रंशो ह्येवं परोपासितुरपि च गति: शूलिनोऽपि त्वमेव ॥६

When you told him, “Oh Son of Shakuni , victory to you, Why are you running hither and thither hearing the words of a ghost? Suppose you do not have any belief in me , can you not place your hand on your head,”And that foolish Asura who believed all that you told him, Kept his own hand on his own head and fell dead like a log, And like this destruction is definite to those who pray to other Gods,And not only that even for Shiva you are the only support.