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  • Narayaneeyam

    Dasakam: 094 -- Slokam: 07

    शब्द्ब्रह्मण्यपीह प्रयतितमनसस्त्वां न जानन्ति केचित्
    कष्टं वन्ध्यश्रमास्ते चिरतरमिह गां बिभ्रते निष्प्रसूतिम् ।
    यस्यां विश्वाभिरामास्सकलमलहरा दिव्यलीलावतारा:
    सच्चित्सान्द्रं च रूपं तव न निगदितं तां न वाचं भ्रियासम् ॥७॥

    There are some others who completely believe only in the study of Vedas and other scriptures and do not care to know Thee. Oh God, they are not understanding, that they are working unnecessarily, For those who carry those sayings which do not give rise to devotion, Are like those who are breeding a cow which is barren, And, Oh God, May I never utter any word that does not recount Thy glorious incarnations, charming, sportive activities that delight the listeners and purge the mind of impurities, and also describe your form of supreme divine joy.