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Bhagavat Stuti by Dhruva

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  • Bhagavat Stuti by Dhruva

    I am happy to share a very rare and important Bhagavat Stuti by Dhruva from Skanda Puranam, Kashi Khanda, Chapter 21 (Druva Carita). (I have omitted about 10 stanzas in the Phalashruti so as to just give a quick summary of benefits of chanting only. The actual Uttara Pithika after this phalashruti is very long).

    The importance and potency of this stuti is pellucidly put forth by Sri Bhagavan himself in the Phalashruti - "There are many many hymns that please but none is equivalent to this. A person gets all wishes fulfilled even if he had given up on other karmas and just chants this thrice a day". Such is the importance of this hymn!

    Last but not least, Dhruva's story appears in many many puranas (including Srimad Bhagavatam) and each purana may contain a slightly varying version of the story along with its own set of Bhagavat Stutis. This is not peculiar but a characteristic of all puranas as each purana narrates the same story with slightly varying details and hymns. So, it will be more appropriate to take the essence and benefit.

    May we seek the blessing of Lord Narayana with this rare hymn!

    Thanks & Regards,
    K. Muralidharan (Murali)

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