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    Dear friends

    In this Kali Yuga, the easiest and best way to attain salvation is through NAMA JAPA.Thus spake our saints and says so our scriptures as in this Yuga one finds no time for rituals. He has "to run to stay in the same place" as they say. Devi Mahatmiyam,has 700 verses in its 13 chapters and is considered equal to Geetha which also has 700 slokas.
    In Chapter 12,Sri.Ambal herself, says that "By reading this Devi Mahatmiyam one's problems and hurdles will get eradicated,fear of enemies will vanish,and life will be problem free. For mental peace and good of the world this Mahatmiyam is to be read.
    It can be read in one sitting, or, as a sapthah,i.e., read in 7 days,.

    Sri.P.R.Ramachander has translated this Devi Mahatmiyam and a lot of other scriptures into English and I am giving below the Chapter 12 Translation for all to understand the "Phalapradhanam" of reading Sri.Ambal's exploits,her valour etc.,
    Hope all will find it useful and even if a few take up reading the Durga Sapthasathi as it is otherwise called, I would have chieved something.
    with best Deepavali wishes in advance



    The goddess told:-

    Whoever with concentrated minds prays daily with this prayer, I would definitely remove all his problems.

    All those who sing and praise the story of the death of Madhu, Kaidabha, Mahishasura, Shumbha and Nishumbha and all those with close attention hear these great stories of my greatness on Ashtami (eighth day after new and full moon), Chathurthi (fourth day after new and full moon) and Navami (ninth day after new and full moon) will never have sins, no danger by doing bad actions, suffer no poverty and have no separation from people who love them.

    Such people have no fear from enemies, no fear from thieves or kings and no fear from weapons, fire and floods forever.

    So with rapt attention they have to read and hear with devotion this great story which is the gateway for all that is good.

    My praise (story of praise) would remove all forms of pestilence and the three types of problems. (Arising from ourselves, from ghosts and devils and natural disasters)

    I will never leave any temple of mine where this is read according to prescribed method and my presence would always be there in that temple.

    It is necessary to read and hear my entire story, in sacrifices aimed at me, prayers, fire sacrifices and great festivals.

    Sacrifices, prayers and fire sacrifices done by people who are well versed in the methods or people ignorant of the methods, would both be lovingly received by me, if my story is heard or read.
    There is no doubt that, in the great prayers of sarad navarathri and vasantha navarathri, those who hear fully this story of my greatness, because of my grace and blessing would be free of all great problems
    Those men who hear this story of my greatness, my holy birth and valour in wars will become devoid of fear.
    Those men who hear this story of my greatness would have all their enemies destroyed, good things will happen and their family will increase.

    In all rites to bring peace, in times when bad dreams recur and in times when the nine planets trouble you, it is necessary to hear this story of my fame.
    All problems and troubles created by the planets would be destroyed and the bad dreams seen by men would become good dreams.

    This would bring peace to the children troubled by evil spirits troubling children and bring to an end the quarrels between friends.
    Just by your reading the story of my greatness, all bad people troubling you would loose their strength and all ghosts, devils and evil spirits would be destroyed.
    This story of my greatness would ensure my presence wherever it is read. All the happiness created in me by giving cows, flowers, lights, oblations, other great scents, lamps, giving food to Brahmins during night and day, and other pleasures and charity continuously for one year, can simply be got by reading or hearing this story just ones. Hearing and reading of this story once destroys all sins committed.
    The story of my births gives protection from ghosts. The hearing of the story of my killing of bad asuras in the war between devas and asuras, removes all fear in men due to enemies. The prayers done by you, the prayers done by great sages and the prayer done by lord Brahma gives good conduct.
    Even when one is surrounded by forest fire, or surrounded by thieves in a far away lonely place, or has been caught by enemies, or is being followed in the forest by tigers and lion, or surrounded by wild elephants ready to kill, or sentenced to death by an angry king, or tied extremely tightly or situated in a ship in the sea which is tossed by hurricane, or lost all weapons in a horrifying war or is being seriously troubled by great unbearable pain, he (man) would be saved from his problem just by remembering about my story.
    Because of my power, lions, thieves and enemies will run away from one who remembers about my story.

    The sage told:-

    The greatly valorous Goddess Chandika having told thus suddenly disappeared from there even while the devas were seeing.
    All those devas, their enemies having been killed, started getting their share from fire sacrifices, became fearless and started enforcing their power like olden times.
    Once The great Shumbha who was the enemy of devas, who was troubling all the three worlds, who was very angry and who was of unmatched power and the very powerful Nishumbha were killed by the Goddess in the war, the remaining asuras went to Patala.

    Hey king, thus that Devi who is the Goddess, though she exists forever, again and again is born and protects all the three worlds.
    The Goddess enchants this universe and she herself gives birth to this universe. That Goddess being prayed without interest in any thing gives that knowledge that leads to salvation and gives wealth in materialistic sense.
    Hey king of men, during the deluge she as the destroyer spreads throughout this Brahma’s universe and makes the great gods like Brahma do their jobs properly.
    She is the destroyer during the deluge and when at the time of creation (after the deluge) that Goddess who does not have any birth becomes the power of creation and that same Goddess who is forever looks the world afterwards.
    In the human abode in good times she herself becomes Goddess Lakshmi who gives progress and in bad times she herself causes destruction as Alakshmi.

    She being worshipped by prayers, flowers incense and sandal gives wealth, children, good sense and salvation.