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Raa-Paathu; also called Thiru Vai Mozhi Thirunaal

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  • Raa-Paathu; also called Thiru Vai Mozhi Thirunaal

    Second Day of Thiruvaai- Mozhi- Thirunaal fof our Azagiyamanavalan ( Vaikuta ekadeshi Thirunaal Second Day)

    Dear Sri Ranga Sri Members and Friends,

    The Second Day of Vaikunta Ekadesi (Raa-Paathu; also called Thiru Vai Mozhi Thirunaal):

    Around 12pm in the afternoon, our Azhagiya Manavalan departs from his Moolasthanam(Inner Sanctum) striding his fierce Simha Gathi(His Lion like style of walking) through the Second Praharam( Raja Mahendran ChUtru) to the Third Praharam( Kulasekharan Chutru). The Praharams are named after the Kings who built them, the Vrajanadhi Mandapam is located in this Third Praharam. Of interesting note about this Vrajanadhi Mandapam, if one places their ear against the pillars, the sound of rushing water is supposed to be heard!

    When our Lord Ranganathan approaches this Vrajanadhi Mandapam, his gait shifts from the Lion-like stride to the Oyarra Nadai. The Oyarra Nadai is the majestic swinging like walking that only befits the King of Kings! As he walks, our eyes are dazzled by the fire from the torches and lamps glitter on his many magnificent jewels and our Azhagiya Manavalan certainly hypnotizes us with his walk! They say, "Sri Rangam Nadai Azhagu, Kancheepuram Kudai Azhagu, Thirupathi Vadai Azhagu, Mel Kotai Mudee Azhagu, and Azhagar Malai Dhosai Azhagu!" These five things are certainly one must experience in life!

    At the Vrajanadhi Mandapam, Lord Rangantha is chanted the different Vedas and Ekaayenna Sagai, Sukhla Yejur Vedam chanted by the Archagas only. After this, the Theertha Goshti is done, after which He makes His way to the Sorga Vasal. Through the Sorga Vasal, and the Fourth Praharam our Azhagiya Manavalan reaches Ayaram Kaal Mandapam. There, the Patti Olathurathu happens. He is overcome with joy on seeing the wide open sands of the Ayeearam Kaal Mandapam that He runs around gleefully like a child! He reaches the Thiru MaaMani Mandapam at 3pm located in the center of the Ayaram Kaal Mandapam. There the Arayar's Pasuram/Abhinayam KILOROLI ILAMAI pasuram--Vykayanam is performed.

    At 9 30pm, he departs from there and heads to his Moolasthanam accompanied by the melodious Veena Ekantham....the soft thrumming of the Veena accompanis our Azhagiya Manavalan after a long day as he retires to his Sanctum Santorum. As each note of the Veena reaches higher and higher, so too does our Azhagiya Manavalan ascend the stairs and heads inside.

    I pray to our Azhagiya Manavalan for peace and prosperity for all this 2012, and if there are any mistakes, kindly forgive me. Thank you.
    Adeyen Dhashan,

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