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Hindu Temples in Pakistan

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  • Hindu Temples in Pakistan

    It is my view that Partition of this great Country on religious lines is the greatest Historical blunder committed by Political and religious leaders, which resulted in the sacrifice of millions of innocent Hindu, Sikh and Muslim lives.

    When they left territory of Pakistan, the Hindus and Sikh population not only left their personal property, but also their thousands of years of rich History, Heritage and Culture. We cannot separate the History of Pakistan from that of India. There are important heritage sites left in that Country which are important for the continuity of our religious history.


    The ancient site of Hinglaj Mata at Hingol in Balochistan is revered as one among the 56 Shaktipeet of Sati Mata. At one time Balochistan was ruled by Suryavanshi Kings known as Bhanushalis (Bansal). Interestingly this Hinglaj Pilgrimage site at the dried river bed of Hingol at a corner of Balochistan was revered by the local population as Nani-ki-mandir (Temple of Grandma). It was this local Muslim population who stood firm against the extremists and prevented its demolition.


    There are the famous ShivaTemples at Katasraj (Ketaksheel), at Chakhwal district of the Punjab province in Pakistan. These Shiva Temples were built during the rule of Hindu Kings in 650-950 AD. Pakistan Government under President Musharraf had undertaken renovation of this Temple complex. Shri L.K.Advani was invited to inaugurate the renovation work in 2005.The initiative for installation Murties was taken-up in 2006-07 This place has relation to Mahabharata and it is believed the holy pond here finds mention in Yakshaprasna.


    There is an ancient Sun Temple at Multan (Mulastana), destroyed in 11th Century and rebuilt again. But it is said this also was damaged after the Babri Masjid demolition. It is said that there is mention about this temple in travelogues of Thevenotís Voyages and Chinese traveler Xuanzang. This place is believed to be the birth place of Prahalada, and known as Prahaladapuri.

    There are quite a number of old Hindu Temples in other parts of Pakistan as well.

    While browsing the internet for gathering knowledge on Hindu Temples and Sikh Gurudwaras in Pakistan I came across many interesting information. I found most of the Pakistanis are concerned in maintaining their heritage undisturbed.