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Sri Karumanickam Perumal Temple - Karumbur

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  • Sri Karumanickam Perumal Temple - Karumbur

    Sri Karumanickam Perumal Temple - Karumbur

    Lord Vishnu has been propitiated by our Alwars in Thirvaimozhi and
    Nachiar Thirumozhi by various names. One among them is
    Karumanickam. "Karu" means the stigma of life and also black.
    Manickaam is a precious stone possessed by snakes. Karumanickam
    perumal is a manifestation of Lord Krishna.
    The Pallavas built a temple for Karumanickam Perumal in Karumbur.
    Karumbur is a small quiet village filled with greenery. The temple
    is between a wide lake and green fields. The inscriptions on the
    rocks prove that the Pallavas built the temple. There is a very
    strong association between Stala Sayana Perumal in Mahabalipuram and
    Karumanickam Perumal. In both these temples, Masi Magam is performed
    with a great grandeur. Annadhanam is done during Masi Magam. The
    Britishers removed the original temple and moved it besides the
    The salient features of this temple are Lord Vishnu is with Sridevi
    and Bhoodevi in the sanctum. The Lord is seen with his Abhayahastam.
    The sanctorum is outside the mandapam with granite walls. Sri Ramar
    Patabishekam, Sri Ranganathar, Sri Ramanujar and 12 Azhwars are
    sculpted here. Due to natural disasters, the temple remained
    roofless for many years. The local people later performed
    kumbabishegam in 1995. This event is mentioned in the ancient
    manuscripts. Few people from Madurai found these manuscripts and
    visited the temple.
    Location : This small village is situated near Singaperumal kovil in
    Chengalpattu district. This village is close to Maraimalai Nagar
    Lake and Ford factory. Every year Lord Narasimha from Singaperumal
    kovil visits this village for Paarivettai on Vijayadasami. The
    villagers donated 6 acres of land for Singaperumal for celebrating
    Paarivettai. Singaperumal comes with pomp and splendor on his return
    anadhanam is performed.

    There is also a Shiva Temple, which is 1000 years old. After
    performing the kumbabishekam for Karumanickam perumal, the villagers
    have prospered by doing some cottage industry work. Many of them are
    involved in embroidery clothes. There are many factories that have
    come near the village.
    In the same village there is another small temple called Yellaiamman
    temple. This deity is the village guard and she has done many
    wonders for the local people.
    Our request is people who go to Singaperumal temple, should also
    visit Karumanickam perumal temple. When more people visit, the
    shrine gets more power to help the poor and needy. We just hope and
    pray that the lord bestows more on the local people and the village
    for them prosper and have peace of mind

    1. Well written Article.
    2. The authour of this article is not signed under his article (not mentioned
    his name) by which it becomes like a "Mottai Kaduthasi".
    3. But the given matters are very interesting.
    4. He / She might have included some photo graphs and route maps.
    5. We can expect more information about this Khesthram from some of our members.
    Thanks for the Article.

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