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The Sound of PancaJanyam-Breathing Fire

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  • The Sound of PancaJanyam-Breathing Fire

    The Sound of PancaJanyam-Breathing Fire

    We commenced Sound Sense 1 with big bang " paDai pOr pukku muzhangum ap-pancajanniyamum pallANDEA" 'படைபோர் புக்கு முழங்கும் அப் பஞ்சஜன்னியமும் பல்லாண்டே'

    Sri KEB Rengarajan Swami pointed out certain paasuram-s , specially ANDaL s highlighting the effect of Sound of The Panjanyam.

    Let us elaborate briefly on this aspect.
    The Lord's conch, namely pAnchajanyam, also has the privilege of being-alongiwith Sri SudarsanAzvAn,with the Lord, adorning His broad shoulders and tasting His mouth. Apparently, there is a widespread belief that SudarsanAzvAn reaches any place in a jiffy just on Lords thinking Act (karudhumiDam porudhu--கருதும இடம் பொருது. Generally, the Sound of Conch is inferred as an indicator of 'Outbreak of Dawn'. Conch is also very much part of worship in several temples. Therefore, the general perception of role of pAnjanyam is passive when compared to Sri SudarsanAzvAn and is an ornament bedecking EmperumAn.

    The Truth is actually the other way. On the Contrary,The Panjanayam is a passive killer. It does not go to places , never leaving Empeurman. The Havoc it creates by just resting on His shoulders is telling. Telling because the Sound speaks for itself on the enemies.

    First, let us see what AzhwAr mentions about The Divine Conch . It is said no sooner Lord KRishNA put His mouth unto The Conch,at the outset of the kurukshEthrA war,
    the warriors were terrorised mercilessly, as a stentorian effect. This is
    clearly spelt out in thiru voi mozhip pAsuram :

    "vari vaLaiyAl kuRaivillA - peru muzhakkAl adangArai, eri azhal ampuga
    vUdhi..."வரி வளயயால் குறைவில்லா பெரு முழக்கால் அடங்காரை , எரி அழல அம்புக ஊதி" thiru voi mozhi 4-8-8.
    vari vaLai- the conch with lines on it.
    kuRaivillA peru muzhakkAl = With substantial big sound;
    peru muzhakku = The great sound emanating from the pAnchajanyam. The maha-dhwani
    of the pAnchajanyam.
    peru muzhakkAl- adangArai eri azhalam puga vUdhii= The opponents were pierced
    with scorching sound of the conch which entered the hearts and petrified them.

    The noise from the conch terrorises the opponents.

    sri AndAL has also voiced the same view in thiruppAvai:

    " valam puri pOle ninRadhirndhu" thiruppAvai 4 and in
    'வலம்புரி போலே நின்றதிர்ந்து'
    27th pAsuram " gnAlathai ellAm nadunga muralvana" --"ஞாலத்தை எல்லாம் நடுங்க முரல்வன"the opponents in the universeare shocked with awe and fear.

    periAzhwAr also has mentioned this in periAzhwAr thiru mozhi 3-3-5
    "paRRAr nadunga mun pAnchajanyathai vAi vaitha, pOr ErErE..."
    "பற்றார் நடுங்க முன் பஞ்சஜன்னியத்தை வாய் வாய்த்த போர் ஏரேரே"

    For the sake of pAndavAs Lord krishNA used the conch to create the big bang
    noise which terrorised the duryOdhanA and his warriors with alarm and great

    The conch- pAnchajanyam is seen as a weapon in the Lord's hands and instils
    enormous fear psychosis the minds of the opponents.

    is that all?
    ( to be continued)
    vanamamalai padmanabhan