Dear Vaasuvadhyar, Adiyen needs more clarifications and has a related question.

(1) Are 11 days counted including the day of birth? A day is considered to
start at suryodharam or ardha-rathri? The child was born on 15 Aug at 01:13 AM
(15 Aug, wednesday pimmalai). Therefore punyahavachanam will be on the 25 th
(11th day including the day of birth) or the 26th (if the day of birth is
excluded). If a new day is counted at suryodhayam, then the time from 01:13 AM
to sunrise will be already counted as one of the 11 days, which will make the
above two dates 24th or 25th.

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*** Why to exclude the day of birth? After 3.30 am of any day is calculated as
the new day as per vaideekam. An event happened even few minutes before that is
calculated as previous day. It is because the day to day anushtanam (for sri
vaishnavites) is starting from 3.30 to 4 am of every day.

(2) In the question about chitappa/periyappa's theetu adiyen meant the
periyappa of the new born. May be swamin meant the chittappa and periyappa of
the newborn's father (swamin wote " YOUR chittappa periappa ...)?

*** All periyappas and chithappas for the child, child's father and child's
grand father etc. but all belongs to father (male) side (one gothram).

(3) Is the " thottilla podarathu " ritual done on the day of the punyahavachanam
or can it be done on another day?

*** It can done at any day of your convenience including the punyaha vachana

Thanks again,
Tirupati Kumara Sridharan