7. Kalkulam/ Padmanabhapuram: Sri Neelakanta Swamy - Mahadevar

Sthalapuranam of Kalkulam Shivan temple (Padhmanabhapuram)
Five storeyed Gopuram with a gold flag pole and a 1000 year history are just some of the important features of the seventh temple in the pilgrms' progress. This temple is the only temple of all 12 temples of the Siva Temple Marathon in which the Gopuram is in Tamil Architecture as against conical Gopurams seen so far. Here the Chief Diety is Sri Neelakanda Swami and His consort is Shakthi as Ananthavalli.

God : Neelakanta swamy, Mahadevar
Goddess : Anan^thavalli
Theertham : KuLam
Great saints visited : vyAgrapAdhar
History:This town was the capital of the erstwhileThiruvidhangur state. The kings who ruled from this town and the other kings like Thirumalainayakkar have done lots of service to this temple. This temple is one in the shivAlaya Ottam temples.

Specialities:This temple is the only temple in the above referred twelve Lord Shiva abodes where there is a big gopuram (tower). And also it is the only temple in the twelve where there is an exclusive Sanctum for Goddess. This temple is a mixture of both Tamilnadu and Keralite styles of temples.
Every year there is a tank festival in the temple tank. Sri Neelakanta Siva was an ardant devotee of the Lord here.

Main Festivals: ShivarAtri, ThiruvAdhirai, MArkazi festival
NavarAtri utasavam, Vijayadasami theppa utsavam
Pankuni UththiramUtsavam, ThirukkalyANam

Location:Situvated: 10 miles north-east from Nagarkoil.


8.Melangodu:MelaNkodu Kalakalar Mahadevar temple

The Chief Deity here is Sri Kalakala. This temple is by the side of an ancient fort called Puliyoor fort. Near the Siva temple is the famous temple on the mountain for Lord Subramanya where He is said to have married Valli.In the Siva temple the Chief Deity is Swayambu Lingam (Self emergent Lingam)

God : KAlakAlar, MahAdhEvar
Theertham : Tank
Great saints visited : VyAgrapAdhar
History:This temple is one in the shivAlaya Ottam temples.

Specialities:Situvated in the middle of the paddy fields facing east.

Location:Situvated: Little off (2-km) from the road that goes to kumAra kovil (vELimalai) from the Nagerkoil - Thiruvanathapuram highway.

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9.Thiruvidaikodu: Thiruvidaikkodu Sadaiyappar Mahadeva temple

This temple is by the side of a stream that runs in a bridge above the road. The Lord with matted hair - Jadaiappan is the name of the Chief Deity. The Deity was later discoverd by a Muslim. To this day the members of the Muslim family have special honours. The Lord is Swayambu Lingam. Legend says the bull of Shiva was tied here.

God : chadaiyappar, mahAdhEvar, kodambIshwaramudaiya nayinAr
Theertham : Idaikkattar kulam
Great saints visited : VyAgrapAdhar
History: This temple is one in the shivAlaya Ottam temples. This temple could have got some association with the Sidhdhar IdaikkAdar

Specialities:To the south of this temple there is an abode of Maha Vishnu

Main Festivals : Shivaratri, Chiththirai Kodiyetram Utsavam.

Situvated: 3 miles southwest of Thuckalay.