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I would like to post about the dhanam received during Savandi (11th day of rituals).

My eldest sister went to an Astrologer someone suggested in her office, to find out the delay in the weddings for my elder brother (41 years) and me (36 years).

The astrologer told that one of our ancestors received Oil Dhanam during the 11th day (Savandi) and did not offer any pariharams for the same. The solution was to chant Gayathri to overcome that.

Now this triggers some confusions in our family. My eldest brother got a Salakramam as Dhanam during the savandi of our chithappa (husband of my mother's sister). Now everyone wants to leave the Salakaramam at a Temple or put into Sea.

Please advise what to be done on this situation.


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Srinivasa Varadharajan