Dasakam: 017 -- Shlokam: 02
अङ्के पितु: सुरुचिपुत्रकमुत्तमं तं
दृष्ट्वा ध्रुव: किल सुनीतिसुतोऽधिरोक्ष्यन् ।
आचिक्षिपे किल शिशु: सुतरां सुरुच्या
दुस्सन्त्यजा खलु भवद्विमुखैरसूया ॥२॥

Once when Uttama, son of Suruchi, was sitting on his father's lap, Dhruva, son ofSuneethi, wished to do the same but was stopped by Suruchi, who scolded himharshly. Oh Guruvayurappa ! Those who have no devotion to Thee are indeed veryjealous at heart.

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