marriage subdivisions1. vara prekshanam. 2. vaang nichayam. 3. vradha poorthy--kaasi yathra. 4. vara pooja -kanya dhaanam. 5. Agni prathistaapanam. 6. madhu bharga dhaanam. 7. Devatha prarthana. 8. Vivaha sangalpam. 9. kanya samskaaram. 10. Koorai pudavayum alankaramum.11. Maangalya dhaaranam. 12. Agni mukantham. 13. paani krahanam. 14. sapthapathi. 15. Agni pradhakshinam. 16. Ashmarohanam.-laaja homam. 17. jayadhi homam. 18. Pravesa homam. 19 . Aagneya stalibhaagam. 20. aupaasanam. 21. sesha homam. 22. naandhi. 23. phala dhaanam. 24. Thaamboola sarvanam. 25. Aasirvadham.


In olden days the marriage will be held in their own big house itself. In a good auspicious time ( except sara lagnam) do pooja to one bamboo stick , even before one week with purusha sooktha vidhanam or two days before in the vaasal . dig one hole in the north east direction and place this bamboo stick there.

brid'e father used to do this pooja. sankalpam; kalasa pooja; vignesvara pooja; punyajanam; sprinkle in all the places where you are going to waive pandal.decorate in one bamboo stick with mangoleaf bunch, and apply sandal paste and kumkumam, pushpa maalai saathavum. do vishnu archanai.doopam; deepam; neivedhyam of two plantain fruits and thaamboolam. camphor aarathy. graha preethee;

sastrigal will chant manthram mamaagne-------vaahinasvam while carrying the bamboo to the pandal place. pour water and mangala akshathai and flowers in the digged place for the bamboo and place the bamboo there put mud and tie the bamboo well. druvanthey raja varuna-----dhruvam by chanting this manthra the bride and her mother must touch the pandal kaal. aasirvatham; aarathy.


put mavu kolam in all the rooms and hall the previous day itself. In the room where the groom's party is going to stay in one room, place one swamy padam facing east and lit a kuthuvillakku.In another room also arrange the seer varisai vessels i n order,required for one family , sweets and savoury and rice, dhall,jaggary, ghee, vadagam, appalam, deepavali marunthu lehyam etc;.

Thiratty paal 500 gram; kai murukku 7 sutru 51 nos; mullu murukku 51 nos; athirasam, 9inches dia 51 nos, laddu, mysur paahu each 31 nos; 5 sutru kai murukku 51 nos; small size laddu 51 nos; 5 inches athirasam 31 nos; each one well packed in plastic covers. and 11 nos. appam.

In addition to this as the grooms party entering the kalyaana mandapam the bride's mother should hand over to the groom's mother 500 grams thiratty paal well packed in a stain less steel jody paruppu thengai for vradham, evening nichaya thartham one pair paruppu thengai. same paruppu thengai for maapilai alaipu. for oonjal one pair parupu thengai which will go to muhurtham. 5nos. aasirvadha parupu thengai in ground nut or in pottu kadalai.

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for graha pravesam one pair and one pair for udhaka shanthy is required.In silver meety; chandana pela; kumkuma chimil; kuthu vilaku ;pancha paathram, uthirini, plate, teaspoon, and 2 kinnam ( to give milk and fruit to the couple during oonjal function).For groom ring, wrist watch, bracelet, minor chain. In brass :kudam, thavalai,sombu, thammbaalam.kuthu vilaku; adukku, sambadam are required. others in stain less steel.

gas stove, cooker, milk cooker, idly paanai, coffee filter, one iron iluppai chatty, frying pan, karandy, plates,containers etc. must be arranged in the room in fascinating order.

Sarees for the bride: for nichayathartham,oonjal,graha pravesam;udhaka shanthy, and muhoortha m saree (9 yards), reception saree or 6 nos.

For groom: 9x5 one pair for muhurtham with deer's eye width; 8 mulam one pair as matru vesty; one for graha pravesam and one pattu vesty.. For maapillai alaipuu pant; shirt; coat; tie; socks; shoe and chappal. For kasi yathra: visiri; umbrella; chappal; walking stick, towel one book are required. On the morning of the muhurtham day you have to give the following to the groom along with nadaswara isai; One tray; tooth paste, tooth brush, towel shaving set; comb; mirror; hair oil; scent; talcum powder, and one pattu pai for muhurtham with name and date.

For other persons use: sample size soap; tooth paste; coconut oil;comb; kumkumam; chandanam; veebhudhi; mirror, manjal thool : buy one dozen each and supply to other people 6 for for bride's party and 6 for groom's party. Place drinking water can in upstairs and in down stairs near the rooms where they are staying, with paper tumblers.

If the groom's party is in nearby place some relative should go to their place with van to invite them showing them chandanam and kumkumam. If the groom's party is coming by train some relative must go to railway station to pick them up;

Now a days cell phone is there. Immediately after their arrival to the kalyana mandapam on the entrance of the kalyana mandapam relatives should stand there with chandanam, kumkumam, sugar, kalkandu, pushpam. for the groom, the bride's brother or father should garland and some body from bride's side should take haaraathy. video taking people will do their work.

Bride's mother should give threaty paal to thr groom's mother and invite them to their rooms, Give them their requirements. and request them to take lunch and coffee.

In the entrance of the kalyana mandapam, place one table and two chairs panneer, flowers; chandanam; kumkumam; sugar and kalkandu, and make arrangements with your relatives to be there to invite the invitees. to be continued.