SATHYA NARAYANA POOJA.Silver flowers are more powerful than real flowers. You can use silver flowers for astothram archanai. Sathya narayana pooja must be done only in the evening. You have to take bath in the evening before starting pooja and wear madi need not wear madi vasthram the whole day. you have to take bath in the morning and observe fasting. fasting is not starvation. You may do this on every full moon day evening.

. you can take milk;coffee;tea; fruits; sathumaavu=fry wheat or raw rice in a pan powder it, using your Mixie add some milk and sugar or jaggary. you can take this sathumaavu during day time Also you can take greengram dhall and jaggary payasam. But you should not take curd or buttermilk on fasting days. For neivedhyam wheat rava kesari; fry wheat on adry pan and powder it add milk;cardamom;ghee;and jaggary or sugar mix it well and use this for neivedhyam. You must study the 5 chapters story.

Sathyanarayana astothra satha namavali is HERE If you want to do archana with this astothram .

No homam is required for this. You can call all your friends to attend this pooja. No madi is needed for them. Approximately 3 feet away they can sit and watch the pooja ; they can recite astothra namavali along with you after the pooja is over they must take prasadam and go to their places.

Prasadam depends upon the individual financial status. All poor class and rich class people are same to God. No count for neivedyam for this pooja. You may prepare variety rice= coconut rice; lemon rice; curd rice; sakkarai pongal and distribute them to all the participants; Also the participants can come to your house with different kinds of fruits for neivedyam. After neivedhyam these f ruits must be distributed to all the participants.

You can also give along with prasadam Blousebit; bangles; manjal; kumkumam; Mirror; comb; coconut;thamboolam; eyetex;mehandhi to sumangalis; All are depends upon the financial status.

AUm sri sathya devaya namaha;
sathyathmane namaha sathya jyestaaya sathya dhanuthartharaaya sathya pushkaraaya
sathya sreshtaaya sathyam bhujaaya sathya dhrudaaya
sathya boothaaya sathya vikranemi sathya vaakyaaya sathya baamaarathaaya

sathya purushaya sathya thanvinea sathya guruvae sathya graharoopinae
sathya natha ya sathya medhaaye sathya gyaayaaya
sathya saakshine sathya deesaaya sathya saakshinae sathya praharanaayudhaayae
sathya yogaaya sathya kradhavea sathya samvrudhaaya sathya naaraayana
sathya gnaayaya sathya kaalaaya sathya sambradhaaya devathaaya namaha

sathya gnana priyaya sathya vathsalaaya sathya vahnayae
sathya nidhayea sathya vasavea sathya vaayavae
sathya rudhraaya sathya meghaaya sathya meghaaya
sathya sambhavaaya sathya brahmanae sathya sikaraaya s sathyaamruthaaya sathya prabhavaaya sathyaanandhaya
sathya yeswaraayea sathya vedhangaaya sathyaadhirajaaya

sathya karminea sathya chathuraathmanae sathya sreepaadhaaya
sathya pavithraaya sathya bhokthrae sathya guhyaaya
sathya mangalaaya sathya suchayae sathyodharaaya
sathya garbhaaya sathyaarchithaaya
sathya hrudhayaaya sathya indhraaya sathya prajaapathayae

sathya vikramaaya sathya shankaraaya sathya kamalaaya
sathya siddhaaya sathya swargaaya sathya hasthaaya
sathya archudhaya sathya niyamaaya sathya naalaaya
sathya veeraaya sathya vedhaaya sathya bhaanavae
sathya vedhyaaya sathya mukhaaya

sathya bodhaaya sath ya peeyushaaya sathya jihvaaya
sathya dharmaaya sathya maayaaya sathya dhamstraayaa
sathya krajaaya sathya meghaaya sathya naasikaaya
sathya samthustaaya sathya suraanandhanaaya sathya shrothraaya
sathya varaahaaya sathya saagaraaya sathya sakshushae

sathya paraayanaaya sathya thapasae sathya sirasae
sathya poonaaya sathya simhaaya sathya makudaaya
sathya aushadhaaya sathya mrugaaya sathyaambharaaya
sathya saasvadhaaya sathya lokapaalaya sathyaabharanaaya

sathya pravardhanaaya sathya sthiraaya sathyaayudhaaya
sathya vibhavaaya sathyaaushadhaye sathya sri vallabhaaya sathya dighpaalayae sathya gupthaaya

Add om sri in the begining and namaha in the end. Each one is begining with sathya first. Required samaan list for sathya naarayana pooja. coconut;betel;betelnut;turmeric;santhanam;kumkumam ;turmeric powder; raw rice; akshadai;thodutha flower; udhiri flowers ; kuthu vilakku; oil; thiri; match box;kola maavu;camphor;saambraani;scented sticks; thulasi;nuni plantain leaf; mangoleaf bunch;brass sombu; thaambaalam;panchapathra uthirini;karpoora haarathi utensil;bell;deepam showing utensil; milk and honey in a cup;nava dhaanyam container for navadhaanyam (dhonnai).

Navadhaanyam=suryan=wheat;chandran=raw rice;sevvai= toordhall;budhan=greengram;guru=kondai kadalai;sukran=mochhai;sani=ellu=gingilly seeds; rahu=black gram; kethu=horse gram; each 50 grams or 100 grams is enough; keep then in 9 dhonnai with thaamboolam for each dhonnai and fruit for neivedhyam for each graham; No. 10 nool kandu cardamum; saffron;pachhai kalpooram; vilamichai ver;shenbaga mokku;

for 8 dik paalakarkal keep in 8 directions thaamboolam and fruit and manjal ;aavaahanam and pooja.
In the sombu( one litre capacity) tie the thread in the sombu;(no.10 nool kandu);; add elakkai powder; kumkumapoo; pachaikalpooram powder;vettiver or vilaamichai ver;Add water in the sombu;put turmeric powdered coconut and mangoleaf bunch on the sombu;

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