One fruit which is available easily is Pineapple. Not expensive also. But it is not consumed much in South India.
Pineapple is a remarkable fruit.
Pineapple (Ananas comosus), a tropical fruit of the Bromeliaceae family. This fruit is very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a good source of Dietary Fiber, Thiamin, Vitamin B6 and Copper, and a very very good source of Vitamin C and Manganese.
Bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme, is the key to pineapple's value. Proteolytic means "breaks down protein", which is why pineapple is known to be a digestive aid. It helps the body digest proteins more efficiently.
The pineapple is the only available edible bromeliad today.
Bromelain is a powerful enzyme considered to have effective anti-inflammatory properties.It produces mild pain relief. Regular intake of at least one half cup of fresh pineapple daily is claimed to relieve painful joints common to osteoarthritis and Gout. it is effective in reducing inflammation and swelling.
Pineapple is high in manganese, a mineral that is critical to development of strong bones and connective tissue. It is particularly helpful to older adults, whose bones tend to become brittle with age.
Pineapple juice is a natural diuretic.

A word of caution: A large portion of the calories in this food come from sugars.