Dasakam: 050 -- Shlokam: 07

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क्वचन दिवसे भूयो भूयस्तरे परुषातपे
तपनतनयापाथ: पातुं गता भवदादय: ।
चलितगरुतं प्रेक्षामासुर्बकं खलु विस्म्रृतं
क्षितिधरगरुच्छेदे कैलासशैलमिवापरम् ॥७

Again on another day, when it was extremely hot, Thou and the others went to drink the water of river Yamunaa who is the daughter of the Sun. Thou saw a crane flapping its wings very quickly, which looked like the mountain Kailaash whose wings Indra forgot to cut when he was cutting off the wings of the mountains.