Dasakam: 050 -- Shlokam: 10

ललितमुरलीनादं दूरान्निशम्य वधूजनै-
स्त्वरितमुपगम्यारादारूढमोदमुदीक्षित: ।
जनितजननीनन्दानन्द: समीरणमन्दिर-
प्रथितवसते शौरे दूरीकुरुष्व ममामयान् ॥१०॥

The Gopikaas heard the sweet sound of Thy flute and rushed with great joy to have a glimpse of Thee. Thy parents Yashoda and Nanda were also very delighted to see Thee. O Thou Shauri! (Vaasudeva) Who are well known to be residing in the famous temple of Guruvaayur, be pleased to expell my ailments.

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