Ramayana in the Philippines

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Rajah Mangandiri is the Philippine version of the great Indian epic "The Ramayana", as passed down through the centuries-old oral tradition of the " Maranao" people of the southern Philippines.

"Rajah Mangandiri" is Kinding Sindaw's original Philippine dance and music version of great epic "The Ramayana," . From the 4th to the 10th centuries, the Philippines, along with Malaysia, Indonesia and Southern Malaysia, Indonesia and southern Thailand, were all part of the Hindu "Sri Vijaya" Empire. As a dance, musical, and martial arts drama, RAJAH MANGANDIRI blends traditional forms of Maranao court and secular dances, with live kulintang (gamelan) orchestral music, silat and kali martial arts, and a touch of the contemporary in a rich visual, aural, and performance tapestry....Like no other RAMAYANA, the Princess Sita finally wield a sword. The Indian epic has been preserved in its authentic oral tradition of the centuries-old Maranao tribe of the southern Philippines and has been interpreted for the stage through the contemporary vision of Potri Ranka Manis, daughter of the Sultan of the Maranao tribe (a true modern-day Princess!), and her company of 16 young artists. The production is co-directed by Potri Ranka Manis and Wayland Quintero.