Namaskaram Anna

why don't you do that, all the aged vaitheegal whoever can not be able to do vaitheegam, but they need money for their jeevanam.
They may be alone or thampathigal. Every month one city, one place arrange them in a chatra or mandapa, put in news paper whoever wants to get ashirvatham from them they can come with donations, donations may be money, pure rice, new vastram, etc.

so that they donators do namaskaram in front of all the aged and elders vaitheegals and get ashirvadham from them with full satisfaction. so the donaters keep in their mind for every time they have to do something for them.

its my suggestion. don't mistake me. if it acceptable you can proceed further. if not please ignore and advise am accepting your words.

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with namaskar
Kalidoss V