Dr.V.Chokkalingam is a Chennai-based cardiologist. He comes on T.V. every Monday morning to discuss and clear doubts from viewers on matters relating to Heart ailments. In his article "Your heart is in your hands" published by "The Hindu" on world health day (Sept,24,2011) he says " The only permanent remedy is by effective and positive lifestyle modification". He gives the following steps to be followed for healthy heart.

Steps to a healthy heart

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A positive attitude with a balanced approach to life
Avoid mental stress and strain
Eat a healthy balanced diet. Include at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day
Avoid saturated fats and transfats
Regular aerobic exercise of 30 minutes a day
Regular meditation of 20 minutes a day
Maintain optimal body weight. Avoid abdominal obesity
Avoid excess salt to maintain normal blood pressure
Avoid tobacco in all forms including passive smoking
Avoid alcohol
Include physical activity in your daily schedule. Cycle to work if possible, take the stairs, go for a walk during lunch breaks.
"Prevent heart disease with positive thinking, healthy eating and adequate exercise."

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The Hindu : Arts / Magazine : Your heart is in your hands