Dasakam: 086 -- Slokam:4

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त्वय्यायातेऽथ जाते किल कुरुसदसि द्यूतके संयताया:
क्रन्दन्त्या याज्ञसेन्या: सकरुणमकृथाश्चेलमालामनन्ताम् ।
प्राप्त: शाकान्नमश्नन् मुनिगणमकृथास्तृप्तिमन्तं वनान्ते ॥४॥

After Thy return to Dwaarikaa, a fraudulent game of dice took place in the assembly of the Kurus. Draupadi was dragged there by her hair. Piteously and helplessly crying she prayed to Thee. With compassion Thou endowed her with endless length of clothing. Further, when living in the forest, Draupadi was very frightened because sage Durvaasaa had come there with his people when the food was over. Draupadi again thought of Thee and Thou came to her rescue and ate a bit of the left over leafy vegetable and thereby satiated fully the hunger of the sage and his retinue.