Don’t be Apologetic about Diwali - Enjoy it

In my city of Bengaluru alone - 4 lakhs Animals are Killed on Eid which includes 10000 Large animals like Cattle and Camels
It generates 300 tonnes of animal waste which is just buried in pits near Kogilu on the city outskirts
For 14 lakh Muslims in Bengaluru - 4 lakh Animals killed
Even if one Animal weighs 10 kg then can an average person eat 3 kg meat on single day ?
And mind you this includes kids and infants also
So most of the meat goes waste though people might claim we give it to poor

If you conflate this number to whole of India then imagine the number of Animals killed on the single day ?
For 200 millon it must be at least 20 millon Animals
And 200 millon kgs of Meat and staggering 8 billon kgs of Green House gases or Carbon dioxide and we are not even calculating the lakhs of tonnes of bio waste generated

And now conflate this number to the whole world
It is 200 millon Animals 80 billon kgs of CO2

Now let us come to ThanksGiving in USA - 45 million Turkeys are killed

Christmas in US - 25 million Turkeys are killed

In US 30 million trees are chopped off every year to make Christmas Tree
Which is huge pollution
And 50 million artificial trees are used which is made of plastic and is even more polluting
On Independence Day July 4th USA uses 1 billion Worth of fire crackers which is 5 times more than what India uses in an whole year
Chinese use more times more firecrackers on Chinese New Year alone that what US does on July 4
World wide on New year billions Worth Fire crackers are used
Hindu festivals are the only Eco Friendly festivals on Earth
As most of Hindus eat only Vegetarian food on festivals
Other wise every other religion the meat is the most important item on a festival or any celebration

*But when it comes to narrative it is only Hindu festivals which are being maligned as polluting *
Holi - Water Pollution so Waterless Holi
Ganesh - Sea or River Pollution So Green Ganesh
Dussehra - Riots/ sexual abuse so don’t go dandia or no Durga Idol immersion
Diwali - Air Pollution so no fire crackers
*Have you seen any one raising topic of Pollution on Christmas New year or Eid ?
Has anyone campaigned for Veg Xmas or Green New Year or No killing on Eid ?*
So don’t let breaking India forces take the fun out of Diwali
Let the festivals of lights
*Hindu festivals are green by nature as Hindus worship nature and all the festivals are born out of nature worship*
PS - The most comprehensive report on Delhi Pollution by IIT Kharagpur has not included Fire crackers in the report
Road Dust, Concrete batching, Vehicles, Coal tandoors, Crop burning, industries are responsible for Delhi air pollution .

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*Have A blasting Diwali*

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