Spiritual Significance of Sri.Krishna as a child stealing butter

Each and every action of Sri Krishna is always filled with deep spiritual meaning; we need subtlety of mind to perceive them.

It is said that in his childhood Krishna was fond of butter, and that he learned as a child to steal butter from everywhere. And the meaning of this is that wisdom is the butter of the whole of life. When life is churned through a wheel, then out of it comes butter; wisdom is gained by it. Krishna was stealing it, which means that wherever he found wisdom he learned it, and thus he benefited by everybody's experience.

Another way of interpreting this:

Krishna symbolically represents that he likes that
white, soft, tender butter which is nothing but our
heart. It should melt with compassion as the butter
melts when it is in contact with fire. For making our
heart as pure as butter, we need to burn the
ill-thoughts and wrong attitude towards fellow human.
We need to churn our mind with the help of bakthi or
God-consciousness and allow the heart to turn to a
soft and tender butter.

Let our heart to become the soft butter and let our
Sri Krishna steal our hearts and may we all become
very fond of Sri Krishna.

One more meaning:

A devotees mind is compared to milk which through constant devotion matures
and slowly he begins to separate himself from worldly attachment, friends and
families like butter separating from curd. At this stage, the devotee need
not have to go in search of his lord instead lord himself comes to him. This
is the meaning behind Sri Krishna going after butter

Another wonderful meaning:

The gopis were always thinking about their hoarded butter. By stealing it, Krishna diverted their attention to Him.” Thus the significance of stealing the butter is that the Lord will finally steal our minds”

Let us see why Sri.Krishna is called Navaneetha Chora

Sri.Krishna is called as Navaneetha Chora.

Navaneetam is a Sanskrit word which means butter; where does butter come from? It comes from the churning of the heated milk, which is curdled. Only then does it become butter. It is hidden in milk but it is not evident, even though it is there. Like butter in the milk, we too carry that Brahma principle within us. We have to prepare ourselves and churn our thoughts to bring out that great understanding of Brahma. Only then does the Jagadguru, Lord Krishna, remove the butter within us. He consumes the sin in us. He steals our darkness, which causes us to be ignorant. He appropriates the hearts of the people by taking away their untrue nature. Thus the butter comes out. Unwanted things, which block our vision and thoughts, are stolen from us. That is why Krishna is called as NAVANEETHA CHORA.

Offering Thulaabaaram with butter in Sri Guruvayur Temple

In all Krishna temples and especially in Guruvayoor, offering of butter is considered as very auspicious. Many devotees do butter offering everyday and some do Thulaabhaaram with butter. If one offers butter to Krishna, imagining that it is a symbol of his/her selfless love, He will accept it and will keep stealing our hearts filled with the love for Him until all our butter melts and joins his love for the whole Universe!

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