dear sir,
how are you? im fine in god's grace. in a post dated 31st may 9:30 am, i asked you a two questions which are as follows:
1. how to perform oupasanam without mantras?
2. procedure for making others do oupasanam for us.
i asked the first question because my wife wants to perform it as she is in my home town and iam in outstations. i started performing it since i was around 49. i asked the second question because one day when i was at the beginning of my 49th year , i went as a bokta for a person's pratyaptika srartham. sastrigal told me that i should not perform oupasanammyself but should make others do so. as i was unaware of its procedures, i didnt do oupasanam that day.
so i request you to provide me the answers for the above mentioned questions as soon as possible.
with regards,

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