Marwaris of Rajasthan consider Diwali as their New Year

Marwaris of Rajasthan consider Diwali as their New Year. They believe Diwali to be an auspicious day to venture into new projects and thus celebrate it as New Year's Day. It usually falls in the month of October - November. The Marwari New Year is celebrated with great charm and exuberance in almost all parts of Rajasthan.

People often buy a silver coin as it seen as a good omen. Diwali is the time when new account books are prepared by all traders after the pooja. They believe good luck and prosperity ushers when new books of accounts are opened and a betel leaf is kept in it on the New Year's Day.

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Evening festivities include special Marwari meals. They feast upon ' pucca khana' (food cooked in oil or ghee). Puri, halwa and the sweet vermicelli are not to be missed food items of Marwari festival dishes

If you go to Sembudas Street, Chennai, you will see y Marwaris ( Iron and Steel Merchants etc) open their shops on Diwali day and open new accounts books.
In those days when i was working , i used to get lot of greetings from Marwari friends and also get Sweet boxes.