Significance of number 32

Significance of number 32 in Sri Vaishnava Philosophy
by sri uppiliappan koil V. Sadagopan swami (excerpts from

Sri Vaishnava and Vedantic Sampradhayam places a special significance to the number 32. Examples of the significance of 32 are

(1) The Vaishnava philosophy has 32 constituent parts or priniciples: It is made up of 23 Tattvas from Prithvi to Mahat, 3 principles such as Avyaktam, Aksharamand Tamas, three more such as Kalam, Nitya Vibhoothi and Dharma Bhuta Gynam,and the latter are crowned at the crest with the triad:
Jeevan, Periya Piratti and Perummal.Together the 23+ 3+ 3+ 3 make up thus the total of 32.

(2) Scriptures: A total of 32 from the combination of 18 chapters of BhagavadGita, 4 Adhyayas of Brahma Sutra and the 10 decads of Nammazhwar"s Thiruvaimozhi.

(3) 32 Moksha Vidyas described by the Upanishads

(4) 32 Apachaaras during the Aaraadhanaa of Sriman Naryana: These 32 are to be avoided

(5) 32 Chapters of Srimad Rahasya Traya Saara as pointed out to me by Sri Krishna Kalale during the most recent celebration of the Birth day of Sri Vedantha Desikan at the Ranganatha Temple at Pomona , NY

(6) 32 Chapters of Paadhuka Sahasram, symbolizing the 32 steps the Lord of Srirangam takes to walk towards HIS disciples as visulaized by Swami Desikan in the 32 chapters of his incomparable kavyam.The Sri Ranganatha Paaduka symbolizes for us the Sri Satari that we wear on our head to get the
blessings of Nammazhwar, the Prapanna janakootastha. Acharya Ramanuja is said to be the satari (foot rest ) of Nammazhwar and the tradition continues all the way down to our Acharyas at the Andavan Asramam or Ahobila Matam or Parakala Matam.

Thus the number 32 seems to have a special significance for the Prapannas and the Prapatti group.

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